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Hello! I am Robert Macfarlane and I created Robert’s Minerals as a collective culture to share my mineral collection and services with the objective of making a positive impact on peoples lives.


My vision arose at 5 years old, when I picked up a crystal for the first time and couldn’t believe that the earth could make something so incredible. Following diverse experiences of adversity rooted in chronic health problems, identity crises, and social hardships, collecting crystals soon became a personal passion. I discovered their energetic properties, healing and ethereal influences that made possessing them even more fascinating. Along with sharing what crystals have to offer, I focus on leveraging my life experiences that I have acquired through adversity, to empower others to make thoroughgoing changes.



I am dedicated to reminding people of the individual power that they possess. Through my services, I have the heart-warming opportunity to work with incredible people from all walks-of-life and to assist them with harnessing their strengths to improve their quality of life. I am also grateful to have the privilege to pursue charitable endeavors that raise funds and awareness for LGBTQ+ youth, Women’s Breast Cancer, and other causes close to my heart. In doing so, I can extend the benefit of the Robert's Minerals culture with all of you around the world.



Thank you for your support!


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